Privacy Policy

Fair processing notice

Glasgows is the data controller and will collect and hold data on behalf of The Pension Regulator (TPR) for events setup and run on behalf of the TPR. From time to time Glasgows may pass this data on to TPR at which point TPR will become the data controller and any information received will be used for the purposes of TPR event management. All information will be processed in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and TPR's Fair Processing Notice.

What information is gathered and how it is used by Glasgows?

Any contact information collected by Glasgows about you is on the understanding that Glasgows will only hold and process your details for the purposes stated at the time you registered or otherwise submitted or amended your information. Glasgows will undertake to make changes to your registration when notified by you including opting you out for particular services where previously you may have opted in.

The kind of information we collect from you depends on which part of the site you are visiting. For example: Unless you have actively opted in to receive other services, if you are obtaining a publication online or by any other means from Glasgows, you will be asked for your name and delivery address as appropriate only for the purposes of Glasgows processing the order.

If you are subscribing to receive information for this event or series of events (eg a newsletter, email flyer, etc.), again, you will only receive the specified information unless you have actively opted in to receive all subsequent information and/or other services.

Other than where the mode of communication is implicit, for example where Glasgows is offering an e-newsletter which by definition will be circulated by email, you may be asked to specify the means by which we may contact you (email, postal service, telephone). Thus you may be asked for your email address, postal address and/or telephone number.

Feedback from the Glasgows site is solicited by voluntary completion of feedback forms and by enquiries submitted to the Glasgows Webmaster. Glasgows uses any feedback information given voluntarily to develop the site and enhance the visitors’ experience when using the site. If using the feedback form, please remember to include your email address if you require a response.

Note: You should be aware that different privacy issues apply if you send messages to a mailing list or other open communications channel. See Mailing lists and forums below.


Usage tracking and Cookies

Glasgows tracks user traffic and usage patterns throughout the site, but this information is not correlated with data about individual users except where you have registered for a specific purpose.

The Glasgows website policy is not to use cookies to track user traffic patterns, however, there may be some legacy sub-sites where cookies do collect such data. We are in the process of identifying and eradicating this practice.

Session cookies are used to provide certain facilities on the site, such as the automatic delivery of content best suited to the browser; and to facilitate the break down of statistics to analyse the domain name and browser type of visitors to the site. This information is used to ensure that the Glasgows website and its content is meeting the needs and the interests of the majority of visitors.

Sharing of the information gathered

Glasgows undertakes to keep your details secure and in line with its Data Protection policy.

Glasgows does not usually share information about individual users with third parties, but where we do this Glasgows aims to make this clear at the point of data collection and users will be given the opportunity to opt out.

Correct/update policy

Glasgows undertakes to offer users the ability to subsequently correct or change the information collected at the time of registration. The instructions for doing this will be provided with the registration form.

Glasgows does not currently offer a means for users to automatically delete personal information established at the time of registration. Should you experience problems or have questions, then you should contact the Data Controller for Glasgows who can be contacted by emailing or by writing to Glasgows at the following address:

The Data Controller

Unit 5
Centurion Court
PR25 3UQ

Registered contacts

Certain areas of the Glasgows website offer visitors the chance to submit personal details. To receive a personalised homepage and email alerting service for example, or for inclusion in directories.

Optional registration is also offered from time to time on feedback forms attached to specific areas of the content on the Glasgows website.

Details submitted through these registration forms will only be used for the purposes indicated. Where Glasgows would like to use your information for other purposes, such as the selective dissemination of Glasgows information, this will be stated and you will be invited to opt-in to the specific purposes, in line with Data Protection legislation, Electronic Marketing Regulations and best practice.

Mailing lists and forums

Users of Glasgows’s mailing lists and forums must register separately for these services. These services are free and will only require registration when posting messages. Details of how to subscribe and unsubscribe from Glasgows mailing lists and forums are located with the mailing lists.

If you do not want other subscribers to Glasgows’s mailing lists and/or forums to have access to your email address, do not subscribe to these services.

Subscribers should only use these services for authorised purposes, and should under no circumstances divulge the email addresses of other subscribers to unconnected third parties. Any unauthorised use will result in the offending subscriber’s subscription being cancelled and, depending on the severity of the unauthorised action, the commencement of civil proceedings against the offender. If any subscriber is unsure as to whether or not a particular course of action is authorised, he/she should contact the Glasgows Webkeeper in the first instance.

The views and opinions expressed in any email either to a noticeboard or to a subscriber’s personal email address are the author’s own and may not reflect the views and opinions of Glasgows. In addition, Glasgows cannot be held responsible for any acts or omissions of subscribers or for any breaches of data protection legislation by subscribers. Glasgows reserves the right to remove any material which it considers inappropriate as well removing access permissions from any subscriber as outlined in the paragraph above.

Photos and videos

By purchasing tickets to the Glasgows and/or TPR events you consent to our official photographers and videographers taking photos and filming — which will be used for marketing and promotional use.